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SOLD OUT: Risk Management Leadership Workshops (2-day)

Washington, DC - July 16 & 17, 2018
Training Details

Designed for health center staff who are responsible for, or closely involved in, the ongoing development of the center’s risk management programs, FTLF is partnering with the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) to present two one-day workshops on key risk management topics. Join us for one or both days in July.


Aspects of business continuity are required under several federal laws and regulations, including the HIPAA Security Rule and the CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule. The curriculum for day one will focus on developing a comprehensive approach for mitigating potential disruptions in operations and is designed to provide technical assistance for several planning steps. This session will cover:

  • Business continuity planning requirements for health centers;
  • Developing a planning team; 
  • Organizational risk assessments;
  • Identifying and prioritizing essential services; and
  • Plan development and implementation.


Handling difficult patient situations in a manner that minimizes the potential for disruptions in patient care and/or workplace violence is crucial for maintaining the health center’s culture of safety. The curriculum for day two is designed to provide technical assistance for the development of an effective organizational approach to managing difficult patient situations. This session will cover:

  • Regulatory requirements for health centers;
  • Identification of risk factors;
  • De-escalation techniques;
  • Creating response teams;
  • Staff training and conducting drills;
  • Post-incident documentation and recovery; and
  • Procedures for patient dismissal.

For venue information and to register for both one-day sessions or for a single one-day session, click here