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Section 330 (Program Requirements) Risk Assessment

Monitor the progress of your compliance efforts by assessing your health center's compliance with the Section 330 (Program Requirements).


Product Details

The Health Center Program Requirements (Section 330 statute and regulations) risk assessment includes the following topics:1

  • Needs assessment
  • Required and additional services
  • Staffing
  • Accessible hours of operation/location
  • After hours coverage
  • Hospital admitting privileges and continuity of care
  • Sliding fee discount
  • Key management staff
  • Contractual /affiliation agreements
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Scope of project
  • Board authority
  • Board composition
  • Conflict of interest policy

After your health center uploads the requested documents into our secure website, FTLF will prepare a final report that addresses the following items:

  1. Assessment of selected compliance domains with a standard grading scale to indicate current level of compliance risk;
  2. Explanation in detail of particular elements within each compliance domain that the health center should work towards;
  3. Prioritized recommendations for individual health center compliance improvements; and,
  4. Prioritized recommendations for compliance training and technical assistance.

Please note that the scope of the proposed compliance risk assessment does not encompass direct assessments of the financial aspects of health center operations, including financial performance measures, nor the requirements for appropriate clinical protocols/policies and clinical performance measures.