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HIPAA Privacy Advice Line

The HIPAA Privacy Advice Line connects your health center with an attorney to help navigate the legal requirements. 

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While in effect for almost two decades, HIPAA has been the subject of numerous changes since its creation (including the HITECH Act and the “Final Rule” of 2013).  Our HIPAA Advice Line was created to help health centers understand their legal requirements under the Privacy and Security Rules.

Frequently answered questions include:

  • What are the requirements for conducting a breach investigation?
  • How do we determine whether we need to report a breach?
  • What factors should we look to in determining whether an organization is a business associate?
  • Does HIPAA permit me to text and email our patients?
  • Are certain types of information protected more than others under HIPAA?
  • Can I share protected health information (PHI) with law enforcement?