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About Us

We created in response to requests from health centers across the country for the best compliance resources and Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) resources to prevent and detect conduct inconsistent with laws, regulations, and other legal requirements.  The resources at have been developed by attorneys at the law firm of Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP in collaboration with the National Association of Community Health Centers.

With the implementation of health reform, new rules and requirements are being added to an already complex regulatory structure, raising novel compliance issues by promoting new collaborations among providers, and targeting providers with increased government enforcement activities. Navigating compliance and FTCA coverage issues in this new environment would be a challenge for any health center. can help. It is the only website that provides health centers with access to a broad range of compliance and FTCA resources in a single location. Developed by people who know health centers, these resources focus on the most important risk areas faced by health centers.

As health reform shines a bright light on health centers, never before has a subscription to been a better investment. By helping to implement an effective compliance program and maintain FTCA coverage, these resources just may help avoid liabilities and exposures that could otherwise prevent your health center from serving its patients.

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